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  Welcome to the site of FRICON REEFER SALES.
For more than 25 years Fricon Reefer Sales has been a leading company wich rents and sells reefercontainers. The office and the depot are situated in the port of Rotterdam. Fricon Reefer Sales sells and rents all types of new and used reefer containers, specializing in cooling and deepfreeze containers. We can also help you with alterations storage, repair and transport of containers. Once chosen for Fricon Reefer Sales, you can count on a good price and quality balance! Containers and Units are adapted to your needs by means of our own repair team (Fricon Reefer service). We guarantee an excellent service. We supply a 24/7 service.
The containers are suitable for stationary storage or transport. From the central location in the port of Rotterdam the supplies are coordinated and contacts are maintained with a worldwide network of suppliers and customers (such as shipping agents, shipping companies and private customers). FRICON REEFER LEASING rents several types of cooling containers.
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